Trade Foil Blocking

This week we completed an exciting project to showcase our trade foil blocking capabilities.

gold trade foil blocking

Cover with the gold foil only

Quality Materials

With red and gold foil kindly supplied by Foilco, and copper foiling blocks subsidised by UEI we foil blocked the outer cover for the leading print industry magazine Print Solutions, published by Earth Island.

Prior to the foil blocking process, the covers were printed by Kent printing company Marstan Press. BVS Silk 200gsm paper was generously supplied by one of their main paper merchants, Ovenden Paper.

At the start we selected copper blocks for this job, as there was a large area of fine detail and the run was long. The alternative would have been magnesium blocks, however the level of detail achievable is not as good, and they are susceptible to damage as they are a softer metal.

Foiling Make Ready

red and gold trade foil blocking

Snapshot of the cover with both red and gold foil

Next we had to decide with of our machines to run the job on. We could have run the job two up on our Gietz FSA 790, or one up on one of our Heidelberg Platens. The Gietz had plenty of foiled vouchers to produce, and would have doubled the block cost, so we hot foiled the covers on our newest Heidelberg Platen.

The gold foil was laid down first, followed by the red foil. Due to the complexity of the image, time was taken to carefully make ready each run and we achieved an excellent result. Bearing in mind we are showcasing our trade foil blocking logo we were very conscious that the quality of our craftsmanship would be heavily scrutinised by our industry peers. Our chief operator commented that our task was made easier by the quality of the foils supplied by Foilco. They allowed us to run at a high temperature, allowing minimal pressure to be applied. This meant that the magazine covers were foil blocked with a high level of detail without filling-in, without any indentation on the inside covers.

Quality Foil Blocking Results

Head of marketing, Martin Lett Jnr said, “This was a great opportunity for us to reach out to the print industry and showcase the quality of our trade foil blocking with an eye catching design on one of the industry’s leading titles. It is also the first time we have foil blocked our own logo in two colours and we love how it has come out on the back cover advertisement.”