Foil Blocking is increasing in popularity.

Gold Foil Blocking - Bulldog

Gold Foiled Bulldog on Kraft material.

More and more agencies and end users are realising that foil blocking is an affordable finishing process which adds so much to a print project.

Whilst traditionally foiling may have been seen as something that can be used to make stationery look posh, typically in gold or silver, print buyers are now waking up to the fact that it can offer so much more.

Firstly there is a huge range of coloured foils, available from specialist foil companies like FoilCo, Kurz and Phillips Foils. Quite often a corporate colour can be matched very nicely. Then there is a range of patterned foils including silver with coloured swirls and silver with clear raindrops. If these sound a little too bold, beautiful finishes can be achieved from the use of either brushed foils or matt foils.

For the more experienced foil user, micro-structures can also be added to the foiling artwork, so that small delicate patterns appear in the surface of the foil. It is a great way to add value to a foiled leaflet or brochure and can also add security in a similar way to holographic foil.

For an even bigger impact, the foil blocking process can be combined with some embossing.

The tactile nature of foil blocking helps products standout amongst their competitors. Foil is eye-catching and has a premium appearance. It can aid brand recall and can increase engagement with your brand.