Die Cutting

We provide die cutting services up to B2 format and is one of our most common print finishing processes. Whether you require a simple tabs die cut or a more intricate shape we can make the process stress-free. Practically any shape can be die cut and we will advise you if we feel your artwork could be tweaked for a better result.

Practically anything is possible

We have die cut a huge range of shapes including a range of safari animal face masks, a Viking helmet, leaves, Christmas baubles, a replication of the old continuous stationery paper (loads of small holes punched), diamonds, speech bubbles, gift tags, round cornered business cards and a range of items with euro-slots.

Folder Die Cutting

One of the most common items that we die cut are folders and wallets, which come in a range of sizes. The most common is A4+, typically 305mm x 215mm although clients do vary these figures to suit their own requirements. People can be very creative with their pocket shapes and capacity sizes vary. However if you want to save money, why not ask us for the cutter guide of one of our existing folders which will also save time in your schedule.

Folder Make Up

We can also provide you with a cost for making up the wallets. Whether it be a small run produced by hand, or a longer run which is suited to mechanical make up.

Folding and Stitching

We are also able to provide you quotes for any work that requires perforations, micro-perforations or scoring/creasing. If you prefer to keep your work all in one place, we can also quote to guillotine, fold or stitch your job for you.


Request your die cutting, foiling, embossing, debossing, perforating or kiss cutting quote by clicking here.